Welcome newcomers

This Autumn two new members joined our coworking community, Marko and Andrej, specialists in 3D modeling and VR technologies. With their company Creative Solutions they strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with architectural visualization in conjunction with modern game engines.

Their main focus is to visualize customer ideas into a realistic real time virtual world, where the customer can get an actual idea of how his future dream home or residential neighborhood will look like when it is actually built. In the future they also plan to integrate stereoscopic VR technologies like Oculus Rift or similar into their products to enhance the look and feel of the visualization in the the eyes of their customers. As this is 2016, »the year of VR« as some say, they hope to bring this technology into everybody’s lives, despite virtual reality still being somehow a tabu among lots of people.

Here are some examples of their work:




Find more about them at their website: http://www.creativesolutions.si/